Day 37 – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Recycled Gift Card Jewelry

Cool! I came across some jewelry on the internet made of cut up used gift cards.  We have old cards that have been laying around for like 10 years around my house, so I thought it’d be a good thing for me to investigate.

I then poked holes in each piece by turning the tip of an exacto knife until all the plastic spewed out..

To keep the holes relatively uniform, I lined up pieces together with a mini binder clip.

Once I was happy with the pieces, I attached them to a chain with jump rings and a lobster clasp. With this one otherwise-useless card, I managed to make two of these awesome bracelets (slash noisemakers)!

I’m really happy with how this turned out – I’ve been wearing the bracelets all day and love the little jangly noise they make.  I want to put these on Etsy, even though there are a lot on there…I want to make more – it is kind of a slow process (if you’re a perfectionist like me), but it’s well worth it.

  • If you’re using old credit/debit cards, you can use your file to remove your signature and any personal information.
  • Please don’t inhale the little plastic shavings…and there are a lot, so don’t let them just fall onto the floor like I did.
  • Make necklaces, cell phone charms, rings, whatever!
  • Try different shapes! Feature pretty designs that are on the card!


Day 9 – Rock On!

I thought I didn’t have a choice…

So yesterday, I thought all hope was lost in my getting an Eee Slate.  I guess that was wrong, because I happen to be typing on the bluetooth keyboard as you read this! It has been a long time since I’ve typed on a full size keyboard…(the Eee PC has been my primary computer for a while now).  I’ve also forgotten what it’s like to have more than a single core processor…and now I have 5! Wowza! Anyway, I thought I’d post some stuff about it and a bunch of photos (taken with my new Nexus S, of course!), because there doesn’t seem to be an overwhelming amount of stuff on it yet.  What a great way to forget how hard it was to get through the day…

The box was a bit dirty, but oh well!

First up is the handy leather folio (for clumsy users like me)!

Cozy in its folio now…not taking it out if I don’t have to…

More accessories?! Asus, you are always so kind..

Eeevie and Eeevone are frienemies now.

So far, I’m very pleased with the Eee Slate.  I will have to get used to either the handwriting or the onscreen keyboard, but the handwriting recognition feature is pure awesome in my eyes – I still have to figure out if there’s a way to handwrite spaces and capital letters…Also, I hope there’s a way to change the terrible Lucida Script font that shows up in handwriting mode.  Anyway, basically my first impression so far is “Wow.” and then “I’m going to have to get used to some of this stuff.  I am super excited to enjoy a legitimately sized screen with HD video (my Eee couldn’t even handle SD…), and actually being able to run Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, everything! Also, I’m glad I can push back buying a Wacom tablet – wonderful.  Love the eraser.  Easy to write.  Extra nibs too!
Here’s some stuff I haven’t seen mentioned about the Slate (before I bought it) is…

1. There is no preinstalled software for the camera.  I was able to record videos through Windows Live Movie Maker, but no photos yet.  I’ve read things about LifeFrame, which I had preinstalled on my old W7S notebook (and probably my Eee, I forget), but the drivers aren’t on the ASUS website right now.  I’m sure there’s an alternative out there – I downloaded one right now, but haven’t actually checked it out.
2. I wanted to mention that the folio does stand up in both portrait and landscape orientations, but I am not someone who sits at a desk and looks down at their computer screen.  The folio is set at a pretty low angle, so I find it painful to prop it on a soft tubey pillow (right now!) and have it more at “laptop” angle.  That may just be my preference, though.  Also, it’s nothing terrible.
3. One more thing is that when you put the batteries in the bluetooth keyboard, the LED will blink, alternating red and green.  For some reason, I thought this meant the batteries were low – “What?! I just opened this!” – but maybe I’m the only one who was fooled by this.  Apparently it just means that you have to push the little pairing button on the back (which the stylus is perfect for!) and you’re good to go.

Well, I doubt that my blog is the place that people will go for advice on the Eee Slate, so I will stop drooling over it for now.  These handwritten sticky notes, though – WIN!
THIS IS NOT AN IPAD.  It’s so much more…

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Day 6 – Infinite

My webcam needs a timer…

I’m all up for things having multiple uses, so I’ve had my eye on convertible dresses for a while now.  The thing is, I was never great at sewing and I always feel like it’s a waste and a risk to buy fabric and try to make my own clothes.  Yesterday though, I set my goal.  My original plan was to recreate American Apparel’s Le Sac Dress; I figured it was simple enough for me, yet enough of a challenge.  Then I kept Googling and came across the Emami Dress and the Infinite Dress.  Now the Emami had some cool and unusual wearing methods, i.e. the harem pants…but then I realized that I’m probably never going to wear it like that and plus the large circle pattern looked like too much for my modest 2 yards of fabric.  So I decided to go for the Infinite Dress (cooler name too!).

Is this my graduation gown cut up!? No…

Luckily, the fabric I bought stretched one way, which seemed to be perfect for this dress (be sure to notice the stretch orientation! Mine stretches upwards/downwards in these photos, so along the short side).  After hours of reading all of the different tutorials and trying to calculate my measurements, I kind of fudged the numbers and got down to it.  Somehow I worked the pattern to fit into my 2 yards (I had to make the extra-long straps in two pieces each, and shrink down the skirt).

I know there are a lot of tutorials but none of them gave me exact numbers to work with.  So here are my numbers! Not necessarily what yours would be, but hopefully still helpful.  Instead of a circle skirt, I had to flip the square into a long skirt. The extra band is perfect if you mess up on the first one, or if you want to make a bandeau.

With the help of my parents (I told you I’m a terrible sewer – the two seams I sewed look terrible and happen to be visible too…awesome), I cut and pinned [and repinned, and repinned] and sewed my Statue of Liberty green fabric until finally it looked like a dress.  Oh yeah, and when I shrank the skirt size, it became way too short and was about to become the Infinite Shirt…so instead of a circle skirt, I made a longer rectangle (?) skirt that actually hits the floor as of now.

I still have some work left on it; you can’t tell by the quick photos (I was too excited to wait), but the back of the skirt is not sewed, and the seam is only roughly sewed to make sure everything is in place.  In any case, I’m proud of myself.  Yay!


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