Day 37 – The Gift that Keeps on Giving


Recycled Gift Card Jewelry

Cool! I came across some jewelry on the internet made of cut up used gift cards.  We have old cards that have been laying around for like 10 years around my house, so I thought it’d be a good thing for me to investigate.

I then poked holes in each piece by turning the tip of an exacto knife until all the plastic spewed out..

To keep the holes relatively uniform, I lined up pieces together with a mini binder clip.

Once I was happy with the pieces, I attached them to a chain with jump rings and a lobster clasp. With this one otherwise-useless card, I managed to make two of these awesome bracelets (slash noisemakers)!

I’m really happy with how this turned out – I’ve been wearing the bracelets all day and love the little jangly noise they make.  I want to put these on Etsy, even though there are a lot on there…I want to make more – it is kind of a slow process (if you’re a perfectionist like me), but it’s well worth it.

  • If you’re using old credit/debit cards, you can use your file to remove your signature and any personal information.
  • Please don’t inhale the little plastic shavings…and there are a lot, so don’t let them just fall onto the floor like I did.
  • Make necklaces, cell phone charms, rings, whatever!
  • Try different shapes! Feature pretty designs that are on the card!

5 thoughts on “Day 37 – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

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  2. How did you cut the pieces?

    • Hi Kim! I’m pretty sure I just used regular scissors to cut the pieces. I just eyeballed it, so the sizes are a bit inconsistent. Then I rounded the edges with a nail file and twirled an exacto knife in one spot to get the holes – there was a LOT of dust, so be careful!

  3. Kim…a cheap punch from Michael’s – using the 40% off doupon does a great job. Instead of screwing around with twirling an exacto knife to make the small holes for the jump rings. I taped a stack of the pieces together with painter’s tape and drilled them with a cordless drill and small bit. Easier than the excato thing. I also strung coordinating glas beads on head pins and hung those between the gift card links. VERY cute. Made necklaces, bracelets and earrings–not matchy matchy.

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